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Explorer of the World Children’s CD Review

Are you an explorer of the world? Frances England is. And she will make you and your child one too with her unique sounds, voice, and rhythms. This CD is a favorite in our car riding collection. My daughter taps her feet and claps her hands in the back seat every time I start it up. We love the catchy beats of City Don’t Sleep and Street Life. The title track, Explorer of the World is a perfect introduction to the whole collection with its soft piano tinkling and Frances’ sweet and inviting voice.

Start exploring with this CD on April 1st on Amazon and Itunes. Find out more about Frances on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out the children’s activity book below. Happy exploring!!

explorer explorer
explorer frances_england_book

Frances England, one of the most important voices in family music, takes listeners on a shimmering sonic journey and makes a bold new case for the value of paying attention to the undiscovered treasures we pass every day.
Over two years, Frances took walks around the neighborhoods of her city and, with a hand-held microphone, recorded sounds that she’d always heard, but never paid much attention to. She wrote some new songs, and with the help of Grammy winning producer Dean Jones and Dave Winer (of Justin Roberts’ Not Ready for Naptime Players), she produced her latest all-ages album.