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Well, hello February! Here in Jacksonville, FL it was 79 degrees today! People were actually talking about how hot it was. So spoiled.

My family is looking forward to our two visitors on Wednesday…Gappy and Copah…my parents, named by my daughter very early on. The rest of the grandchildren who are 16-23 years older than Emma have always called them Grammy and Grampy. We taught those names to Emma, but somehow, quite true to her individuality and spunk, they came out as Gappy and Copah. And it stuck.

Oldie but a goodie: Gappy and Emma, 2012

Some people might not be happy about their parents spending two weeks in their house, but we are thrilled! My parents are excellent house guests. Copah does the dishes. Gappy takes care of the child. Who could ask for anything more? Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

One week from today we will celebrate Emma’s 4th birthday. Just can’t believe it. She requested a My Little Pony Tea Party and her wish has been granted. You can look forward to lots of pictures of cute little girls and boys at Ashes’ Tea Garden. Should be fun!