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Friday Focus

The next two weeks will have a strong focus on My Etsy Christmas Shop and the Holiday Shopping Bazaar on December 4th and 5th. As enjoyable as these shows are, they sure take a lot of work, so forgive my absence at times.

Please check out my products and share! My work is unique, customized, personalized, and affordable. But what brings me the most joy is the smiles that appear on my customers’ faces.

Oh BaBee! Originals Name in a Frame for Lilly Kate's Nursery
Oh BaBee! Originals Name in a Frame for Lilly Kate’s Nursery

imageIt’s time to start saying no.

Really saying no.  

It’s time to elliminate,

Without guilt, without explanation. 

It’s time to focus. 

Do one (maybe two) things really well..

Instead of many things at half mast

And the pain to show for it.

It’s time…hell, it’s past the time

To reel some in,

Throw some out,

Count the fish…

One, two.

And breathe.