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Fate and Friendship

Have you ever wondered if fate determines friendship? I thought a lot about this on Monday as Emma and I (and eventually Jeff) spent all afternoon and evening with, what I affectionately call, “The Crew”. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of weeks and it was obvious that we missed each other.

We are made up of three families, living within a half block of each other. There are a total of five kids ranging in age from 16 months to four years. The couples range in age and length of marriage by several years. We have varying jobs, hobbies, and interests.

So, here’s my question. Did fate, God, the universe (whatever you want to call it) bring us to these houses so close in proximity because the friendships were destined? Or did we just happen to live close to each other, meet, and become such good friends on our own? Maybe it’s a bit of both, but I tend to believe that God had a hand in it, because these people mean so much to me. I can count on them, lean on them, and most of all, be happy with them. We laugh so much!

Bottom line…I really love these people and feel deep gratitude for their place in our life.

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changed my life

She Changed My Life

changed my lifeMy yoga teacher of eight years is moving on. It is not an exaggeration to say that she changed my life and many others. Although she won’t be too far away, things just won’t be the same without her.

Never have I known a more energetic, happy, caring, positive, and influential person. She’s not your typical yoga instructor and that is precisely why we love her so much. Laughter is so important to her and in her yoga practice. You will never feel afraid or self-conscious in her class. She makes you feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. She will definitely make you laugh.

Of course, she is not only my yoga teacher, but she is my friend. She witnessed my struggles and my triumphs. She attended my wedding and was even the person who told me to head to the Winnie Couture site where I eventually got my dress from (I will be forever grateful for that, I couldn’t have had a nicer dress), guided me through a yoga filled pregnancy, and adores my daughter almost as much as I do. There has been no doubt in my mind over the last eight years, that she would be there for me if I needed her. And that, I know, will not change.

Thank you, Kate, for your guidance, wisdom, love, and friendship.

All is well. You are loved.

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