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do unto others

Do unto others, however…

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Ok. Sure.

But if you keep doing unto others and they never do unto you,  then you might just get a little pissed off.

For a while you stop doing unto others. At first, it feels pretty good and you find yourself with a lot of free time. But after a while, it feels weird because you’re a do unto others kind of person.

So you start doing unto others again and all is well until the vicious circle comes around and someone reminds you that not everybody does unto others. Some do unto themselves.

Ok. Cool.

Sounds like a plan.

Peace out.

do unto others

food friday

Food Friday

Food Friday…

I am continually amazed by the big hearts and generosity of my community. A local shelter, the St. Francis House, put a plea out on Facebook for us to fill their pantry. They were turning the homeless away from the bare shelves. Many of us stepped up and I hope the pantry is now overflowing.

Never miss an opportunity to help others.

And then bring along somebody small and teach her the value of giving to others. 😉

food friday sfh helper_collage