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shake it up

Shake It Up with Shikshook!

Shake It Up with Shikshook!

Well, so far, the only shaking up I’ve done is with water, ice, and lemons at the request of my four year old daughter, but right away I love the way the shaker frosts on the outside. It makes me feel like a real bartender! The accessories and velvet bag make the set classy and sleek. Soon, I hope to take advantage of some recipes for a few delicious and refreshing adult beverages, perhaps in time for my 50th birthday!

So, I best get practicing then, shouldn’t I? There is absolutely no harm in putting the work in now because it means that when the party comes, I will be a master of mixing drinks of any kind. In fact, my friends have given me lots of recipes to use, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, so there should be something that tingles the tastebuds of everyone. They’re experts, you see, and have been for a long time because they were some of the people who would make the most of the fake id card that allowed them to try all of these beverages before they were even legally old enough. They have lots of memories, and I’m actually grateful for all of the advice that they’re giving me now, as it means I can use my cocktail shaker for a number of different reasons. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of my concoctions… I’ll have to let you know!

Thank you to Tomoson and Shikshook for my free Cocktail Shaker Set in exchange for this review.

shake it up shake it up shake it up shake it up

More from Shikshook:

Product Description


Do you enjoy trying new things?
When was the last time you experienced something for the first time?

Here is your chance to experience something innovative and fun.

SHAKE UP YOUR LIFE! – Our products are manufactured at the highest levels of quality. Our exclusive professional design allows you to feel like a professional bartender from day one.

SHOW OFF WHEREVER YOU WANT ! – You can share your new skills and experience anywhere with the luxury case that keeps your tools protected and easy to carry. The e-book with 100 recipes drinks cocktails – allows you to prepare cocktails at any time, and any place.

Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

The products are simple to use – the shaker with a built-in strainer allows you easily strain your cocktail and pour it directly into the glass after you shake it.
All the products in the set are easy to clean – and safe to clean in the dishwasher.

The Perfect Gift

This set is packaged and ready to send as the perfect gift. With a lifetime guarantee.
You can be sure they get the best products and the best service.

Why Choose The SHIKSHOOK Company?

You get home from a long, hard day, and sometimes all you need is something to shake. You’re sitting at your desk and dreaming of sipping a cool cocktail on the beach in an exotic location and feeling free, or you’re at home stuck in your daily routine, and, you just need to shake it up! We have the perfect solution for you!

How about trying a product that can transport you to that place: a martini in your hand, and enjoying a warm sea breeze…

Your sofa maybe not be a sun lounger in Thailand or a beach in South America, but the drink you have in your hand will recreate that great feeling with the help of our amazing SHIKSHOOK Cocktail Shaker Set! Make your favorite beverage in minutes, then take a sip and relax!

LIFETIME GUARANTE – 100% MONEY BACK – Our company is so sure our product is the best quality, because each product undergoes extensive testing in the USA. We can give our customers a lifetime guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the product – and you return it to us – you will get back 100% of your money! This purchase is risk free.


Mermaids and Canines

Mermaids and canines come together for my latest Oh BaBee! Originals creation. My customer is thrilled to give it to her friend who is due in June with Gemma Paige. The dogs are their babies for just a little while longer until the human baby takes the spotlight.

It always brings me great joy to create a piece for a well-deserving mom. I am honored to adorn the new baby’s room with my work and contribute in a small part to their happiness.

This piece was made with a variety of materials: glass beads, paper flowers, tulle, felt, ribbon, wooden shapes and letters, cloth doilies, and other fabrics. Much of it is up-cycled from old clothing.

Sleep well, baby Gemma, and enjoy the ocean breezes with your mermaid friend.


mermaids mermaids mermaids mermaids gemma paige handmade


Goodbye to Loki

This beautiful Great Dane, Loki, died in his sleep the night before last. He was a gift to my nephew for his college graduation and such a special part of his and his fiancée’s life. He wasn’t even five yet, but had kidney problems. They thought they had time with him. My love and prayers go out to Ryan and Erica today and as long as they need to grieve for their precious pet.loki loki loki

CD giveaway

CD Giveaway! Lisa Loeb’s Nursery Rhyme Parade

Lisa Loeb’s ‘Nursery Rhyme Parade’ CD Giveaway

This CD giveaway is just in time for Christmas and perfect for any little person in your life. It is a darling collection of 37 nursery rhymes all children will recognize and love for a sing-along. The songs are short, sweet, and classical, just as they should be. Some songs include her own children’s voices. My daughter adores it and asks for “ABC songs” every day!

This collection is available on CD and as a digital download exclusively on Amazon Music.

Thank you to Sugar Mountain PR for my complimentary CD in exchange for this review.

 cd giveaway



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Holidays in Hemming: Give the Gift of Education

Looking forward to representing Fundanoodle and Oh BaBee! Originals at Holidays in Hemming this Saturday from 11-3. I scoped out my vendor spot yesterday and it looks great. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny. Perfect!

Here’s a little preview of what I will stop-depression-meds.com. All items can be ordered on line and shipped in the U.S. Give the gift of education!

Big floor pad with loads of activities and reward stickers in the back. Ages 3+
Activity block with pegs and hammer for development of fine motor skills. Age 3+
Cutting activity book with specially designed safe scissors. Age 3+
Animal action cards with letter tracing for fine and gross motor skills. Age 4-5
Gift tag designed for a BIG present!
Gift tag designed for a BIG present! Free with purchase of Floor Pad or Pound Kit.
Card for little girl. Comes with large decorative envelope. Free with Pound Kit or Floor Pad.
Card for little girl. Comes with large decorative envelope. Free with Pound Kit or Floor Pad.