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Mermaids and Canines

Mermaids and canines come together for my latest Oh BaBee! Originals creation. My customer is thrilled to give it to her friend who is due in June with Gemma Paige. The dogs are their babies for just a little while longer until the human baby takes the spotlight.

It always brings me great joy to create a piece for a well-deserving mom. I am honored to adorn the new baby’s room with my work and contribute in a small part to their happiness.

This piece was made with a variety of materials: glass beads, paper flowers, tulle, felt, ribbon, wooden shapes and letters, cloth doilies, and other fabrics. Much of it is up-cycled from old clothing.

Sleep well, baby Gemma, and enjoy the ocean breezes with your mermaid friend.


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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
Really? Has it only been two years? Of course, Creative Blog Mom was not founded until October 2014, but before that, I had two other blogs, started in February 2014, ¬†which merged into this one. What a ride this has been and I’ve enjoyed every last bit of it. Blogging leads me to people, opportunities, connections, and dreams. Thank you to everyone, near and far, who supports me!
If you haven’t done so yet, please visit my other pages, and find out what this creative blogging mom is all about!
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