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Author in Waiting. Is the hard work done?

I am an author in waiting. Waiting for my publisher to say it is time to approve the lay out. Waiting for my videographer to show me his amazing work on the promo videos. Wondering if there is something I should be doing. But I did my part already. The hard work is done.

Or is it? Maybe waiting is harder. 11/4/16

Another sneak peek…

“Little did I know that a yoga community of women 20-25 years older than me would help me do this. They had been there, done that. They had grandchildren. They were enjoying retirement. Yoga was an everyday thing. They already had their man (or not). An outsider would say that we had absolutely nothing in common. Maybe we didn’t. But we had something. And it blossomed, gradually and fully, into deep relationships. It changed me. Forever.”

My Kula, enjoying a good laugh. Photo by Eriden Images.
Saying something profound, I’m sure. Photo by Eriden Images.
throw back

This date a year ago, and now, today…

On this date a year ago, I simply posted that I had a ‘thumbs up kind of day‘. Can’t remember what that was all about, but today was pretty great between about 11 am and 3 pm. Before and after that, there was crying, yelling, throwing, and slamming. Nope. Not me. My 4 year old.

Crying because she was afraid to go to the dentist. We survived. Had a lovely lunch. Ran some errands. Bought her a italia-meds.com.

Then she was reminded that her parents are going out and she has a babysitter. The devil took over with the yelling, throwing, and slamming.

Then, my husband bailed on me for our plans to see Jeff Dunham. He stayed home. No babysitter. I left and had a good time.

Thumbs up.