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Package from Santa Made my Daughter’s Day!

You would have thought Santa was in the room when Emma opened her Package from Santa. She was beside herself! She couldn’t believe the things that Santa knew about her and mentioned in the personal letter. She was once again so pleased with being on the Nice List and getting a certificate for it. She found that out for the first time in our personalized video. The poster with baby Rudolph is absolutely adorable! He was so tiny he fit in Santa’s hand.

This video says it all…

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From their website:

The experience and memories of a good Santa Letter can last a lifetime, for both the children and the parents.

Now there is a foolproof package that Santa Claus himself has put together. It’s a very special package containing the personalized Santa letter that is sent to only the very best boys and girls. It’s a treasure chest of authentic, custom Santa Claus goodies, sent right to your child!

The package of proof is waiting with YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON IT! Each package contains the genuine personalized letter from Santa. Order Now!

Writing 101, Day Fourteen: To Whom It May Concern
Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What jumps out at you? Start there, and try a twist: write in the form of a letter.


My Dearest Farthing,
I hope this letter finds you well, old chap. It has been many a fortnight since our last encounter.

My deepest sympathies for being of such little worth. A quarter of a penny will not provide much these days. It must be difficult in such trying times.

You do have some worthwhile qualities. The bird on your face is lovely. Your copper hue is quite fetching. You also remind me of one of my favorite talkies, ‘A Christmas Carol’. I may be mistaken, but I think your specific currency was rather popular in the days of Dickens. 

I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again someday. Perhaps your value will increase by then and we can have lunch.

Sincerely yours,