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Fancy Whales for Olivia Rae

Fancy Whales for Olivia Rae

Thank you to Keeping it Real for inviting me to participate in Really Crafty Link Party #33. I am proud to share Oh BaBee Originals‘ latest baby shower banner for sweet little Olivia Rae and her mama. This will highlight the decor at her baby shower and hang in the nursery, ready for Olivia’s arrival.


It is made with cloth doilies, pink and gray swirl decorative paper, wooden script letters and dolphin embellishments, adhesive pink flowers, and wide pink ribbon. All of the pieces are assembled, with the exception of a few flowers. It just needs to be connected and reinforced with the pink ribbon, from which it will hang.

This commission came from the friend of a loyal customer and is the second piece I’ve made for this woman. Last year, I made her bridal shower banner!  It is such a joy to be a special part of these momentous occasions.


fancy fancy


Beach Bride

Beach Bride Banner

Beach Bride

Really Crafty Link Party #19

Bridal banner from Oh BaBee! Originals made for a friend of a friend last spring. I loved the color and theme choices. This was made with cloth doilies, card stock, beach/ocean embellishments, white rope, and adhesive lettering. I especially appreciate photos from the recipients as my handiwork hopefully blesses their lives with joy and good fortune.

Oh BaBee! Originals started when I was pregnant with my daughter and wanted to make something special for her nursery. Since then, I have made special gifts for brides, new moms, neighbors, friends, and charitable organizations . I enjoy the creative work and being part of such special myfastweightloss.net.

Beach Bride

beach bride


Masterpiece for Matteo

Joining the Really Crafty Link Party today with my masterpiece for Matteo. Check out this adorable little guy! I just had to make him a little something. It’s made with upcycled shirt fabric and glass stones, and embellishments of a bubbling fish, a sweet seal, and a happy octopus. I hope Matteo dreams about sailing on the open sea with this on his nursery wall.

masterpiecemasterpiece masterpiece masterpiece

The Liebster Award

liebster2I deserve a stern talking to for taking so long to express my thanks to Shooting Star for nominating my blog for The Liebster Award.  I am grateful and honored for the recognition.

The rules of this award are as follows:

Link and thank the person who nominated you
Answer the questions they asked you
Pick eleven awesome bloggers to nominate ( preferably those with less than or around 200 followers)
Ask them eleven questions (Saya modified this to five questions…so I am continuing the tradition)
Let them know by commenting on one of their post

1) What drives you to write the current blog?
I started Mommy, Unplugged for therapy. I was really having a tough time with motherhood and I needed to rant and rave without hurting anyone’s feelings. Now I hope to turn it into a career.

2) If you were given all the time to write a fiction novel, what would be the subject of the book?
I would like to revisit the children’s book I wrote many years ago, make it 100% better and publish it. It’s a book about a little girl who has vivid dreams and asks the reader if the events could really happen.

3) Which original post of yours(link it) do you want to develop into a movie?
“PPD and Me”

4) What is your favourite movie?
“It’s a Wonderful Life”

5) Which football club you support, if you follow football. If you don’t who is your favourite sporting icon? Please share how you fell in love with your football team or the sporting icon as the case may be!
Chicago Bears! I was born and (partially) raised in Chicago. I have three older brothers who got me into football. I am a die hard fan, through and through.

My nominations will be forthcoming. I wanted to, at least, get around to thanking Shooting Star.