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merry christmas


farm christmas photo for bloggingPhew! What a week! Our show and fundraiser were quite successful and I am thankful for that. What I’m really happy about is getting back to true blogging. Forget all this selling stuff! Give me something to chew on!

Christmas. My favorite time of the year. So magical. So beautiful. So inspiring. There are certain phrases and questions, though, that have become bothersome to me. My goal is to compose answers that are concise, yet polite.


  • Are you ready for Christmas?
  • Have you done all your Christmas shopping?
  • 10 Ways to handle holiday stress…
  • It’s a crazy time of year.

Let’s give this a try.

Possible Answers:

  • Well, certainly! I am always ready to celebrate someone’s birthday and be a good and loving person.
  • Not really worried about it.
  • ‘Holiday’ and ‘stress’¬†are not allowed¬†together in a sentence in my world.
  • It may very well be, but isn’t it also wonderful?

How did I do?

Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging!