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deep woods

Deep Woods Music from Red Yarn

deep woodsWhat could be sweeter than a daddy singing ‘Little Baby Born Today’ about his own child? Portland’s Andy Furgeson does this in his new collection, Born in the Deep Woods. He describes how the ‘birds all hushed’ and the ‘mama jay spread the word through the woods today’.
Then the tempo picks up in Mockingbird when big brother joins in on a few of the lyrics with his sweet, yet excited voice. The young tyke expertly repeats his daddy’s lyrics like, “Baby, howdy-do!”
This is a family affair designed to invite all other young families to join in song, dance, and lots of fun!
Born in the Deep Woods is available now and you can win it by entering my giveaway!
Thank you to Sugar Mountain PR for our complimentary copies in exchange for this review and giveaway. We love sharing music with our friends!

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 deep woods
Here’s more from Sugar Mountain PR:

“Portland, February 28, 2017 ~ Red Yarn, Portland’s acclaimed family folksinger and puppeteer, releases a new album called Born in the Deep Woods on March 10. The album completes his Deep Woods trilogy, an epic song cycle exploring the roots and branches of American folk music. With his full band and puppet troupe, Red Yarn will celebrate the release with shows around the Pacific Northwest this spring, at SXSW in March, and on an east coast tour this summer.

Seven years ago, Texas-born artist and educator Andy Furgeson began a deep exploration of American folk music, adapting dozens of songs and posting rough recordings under the name Red Yarn. He dreamed up a forest called the Deep Woods to contain the strange animal tales he found. He created a cast of “critter” puppets to bring the characters to life. His homespun aesthetic caught on in Portland, where he built a successful career performing these songs and stories for thousands of families. Three award-winning albums and many music videos later, Red Yarn culminates his Deep Woods project with Born in the Deep Woods, his boldest musical statement yet.

Recorded at Portland’s Type Foundry Studio with celebrated producer Adam Selzer, Born in the Deep Woods explores the genres that grew out of American folk music. From bluegrass to heartland rock, the album traces the evolution of our national musical vernacular.

At the heart of the album are Furgeson’s harmonies with his wife Jessie Eller-Isaacs. Recorded while she was expecting their second child, many songs channel the joys and fears of bringing new life into the world.”

Learn more about Born in the Deep Woods and Red Yarn at www.redyarnproductions.com, and at this link.

See Red Yarn, Ms. Jessie, their full band and critter pals LIVE:

SXSW Week: March 14 – 18 – various performances (with LiveMom, Do512, Children’s Cancer Association, and Spare the Rock Radio) in Austin, TX 

Saturday,  April 22 – The Fambly Ramble returns with special guest two-time Grammy Award nominee Justin Roberts, at Mission Theater and Pub, Portland, OR

baby steps

Waiting for Baby with Baby Steps

Thank you to Splash Brands for my free Baby Steps scratch off calendar in exchange for this review and giveaway.

The “BabySteps” Scratch-Off Calendar is a beautifully designed wall poster with 236 entertaining facts and tips for parents-to-be. The individual fields are all covered by scratch paint. One new field is scratched off synthroidnews.net.

What a novel idea! At least something I’ve never seen before. I would have loved this during my pregnancy. You can find out cool facts about pregnancy and follow along with your baby’s progress. An expectant mama always needs something to help her along!

I am proud to be giving this away to my friend and neighbor expecting her first baby!

baby steps baby steps baby steps


throw back

Mama’s Confessions

I have some confessions to make.











My daughter and I are on day two of complete togetherness and we’re not used to that. She spent all day yesterday in complete agony that culminated in a visit with an ENT. She has her first ever ear infection. And her adenoids are unusually large. And she needs an antibiotic for ten days. And she needs an inhaler for ventolin-albuterol.com. OMG.

What you need to know about my daughter is that she is strong-willed, she hates to take medicine, hates to blow her nose, hates to be poked and prodded by doctors and parents, and most definitely hates foreign objects like inhalers coming within five feet of her!! I can’t believe we survived the camera up her nose yesterday. The look on her face made me think of The Exorcist. The doc let me look at her adenoids. That was a first for me. Definitely large. Definitely red. But what do I know?

Antibiotic: One down, nine to go.

Inhaler: One down, 29 to go. Crap!

We will follow doctors orders because the alternative of surgery will not be fun for anybody, especially mama. That won’t go well for me. I promise that.

So, I confess today to all of you, the following:

  • I wish Emma could have gone to school today and left me alone for a while.
  • The next 30 days are gonna suck.
  • She might eat nothing but popsicles, cupcakes, and gummy bears for a while.
  • Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish she were more passive.
  • If she has to have surgery, I’m gonna need a lot of alcohol.

Thank you. That felt good.


Proud Mommy

proud mommy

My daughter made me such a proud mommy the other day. A migraine was already making me miserable, yet I managed to hit my head on our granite island while getting something out of a box. Of course, I had a few loud, choice words, but managed to keep them clean. Then the tears came. My daughter gasped from the other side of the januvia-sitagliptin.net and immediately came to my side.

She hugged my leg and said, “I’m sorry, Mommy.” That would have healed me right there, but she wasn’t done.

She then said, “Mommy, I think you go to couch.” I complied.

She sat down next to me. A few seconds later, she got up, went to her princess house and emerged with her Minnie and Mickey stuffed friends. She placed them in my lap and said, “Here you go, Mommy.”


My daughter is two and will be three in 8 days. It is true that she possesses the same curiosity of all toddlers, which leads to long days of pushing her boundaries, testing my patience, and uttering the word “NO” as if she’s trying to break some record. However, it is also quite true that she has already learned the importance of compassion. She obviously came into this world with that quality, as I believe all babies do, but I must humbly take a tiny bit of credit for encouraging her to care.

Caring for others is always a good choice, especially when others are hurting.

It sure worked for me.