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mingle monday

Mingle Monday

I spent Mingle Monday reading other blog posts and I was inspired by a few bloggers to write a poem. I used to write a great deal of poetry. Not sure what happened. Other forms of expression┬ácame into play, I suppose. This poem is based on a really cool dream I had the other night. I don’t dream as much as I used to either. Hmmm. What’s happening to me?

I’ll save that can of worms for another day.

mingle monday

Veil of Midnight Blue

Movement, energy, hustle.

Numbers of them at the ready.

My task so seemingly mundane.

Longed to be in the flow.

Obstacles, racing, for what?

He was ready for our part.

They said not to worry.

But the colors and sounds spoke louder.

A veil of midnight blue

Made me smile.

She was there and she was ready.

I could wait.

mingle monday

Mingle Monday, I missed you.

mingle monday

I missed you, Mingle Monday.

It is a really good thing to be busy with my new jobs, but not a good thing to neglect blogging. Below is an excerpt from a post in October. Looking forward to Mingle Monday. Hope to see you there.

Mingle Monday looks like this:

  • read other’s posts and reblog or comment
  • share posts on mom sites
  • answer questions or prompts
  • basically mingle through the blogging world

Motivation Monday

My day didn’t start out like a regular Monday…laundry, cleaning, straightening, etc. I really need to get on it, as my parents are arriving on Wednesday. Now, ever since my daughter was born, I’ve asked my parents to understand that I may not get their accommodations as clean as I used to. They totally get it. They owned a Bed and Breakfast for seven years, and somehow, actually enjoy cleaning.