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mother's day

Mother’s Day Roses for CFFC

Mother’s Day Roses for CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Single Flowers or Bud

mother's day

These are three different roses from the gorgeous bouquet my husband got me for Mother’s Day. They were amazing and opened so beautifully. They didn’t last long, but we got a day or two of their sweet aroma. I think the color is pretty cool. ¬†What would you call that? Peach? Salmon?

mother's day mother's day mother's day

Awakened at 6:00 am by daughter.

Husband slept until 9.

Daughter is acting especially pissy.

I have escaped upstairs.

I hope this day gets better.

Later that day…

Had ramen noodles for lunch.

Listened to my child scream a lot.

Just watched a depressing movie.

Nope. Didn’t get better.

Pretty much sucked.