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the day after

The Day After

The day after Thanksgiving is an interesting day. I always feel like I ate too much. I want to start putting up Christmas decorations. A movie is sometimes on the agenda. Leftovers are a big hit, or not. I’m lazy for sure, so I get half way through the decorations and then I’m ready for a nap. It’s an odd day. It almost feels like a freebie. I don’t have to do anything, really, but it would be good if I did.

This Thanksgiving, I did in fact only make it half way through the decorations. There are boxes and various decorative items in weird places. I ate leftover squash casserole and brownies. My daughter and I went to see The Peanuts Movie. It was her first time ever in a movie theater. She got bored and/or tired about half way through. It was actually in the movie that we ate the brownies. Yes, I snuck food into the movie theater.

My daughter fell asleep on the way home. She’s asleep on the couch right now. It’s about an hour before her bed time and she hasn’t had dinner. Maybe she’ll sleep through the night?

Just an odd day.

the day after
The previews were LOUD.
the day after
Happy to find her Nutcracker book.

Oh yeah…now I remember.

imageAfter four days of teaching dance to 5-17 year old boys and girls, I remember that being pregnant and on a ‘no exercise’ regimen was not the ONLY only reason I decided to retire from my career of 25 years. These kids are great, but they are also providing these reminders. 

This is exhausting work. 

Some children just love to hear themselves talk. 

Some children have no interest in what you are doing. 

There is NEVER enough time in the day. 

Disorganization is deadly. 

Patience is key. 

Children come from so many different walks of life. It is so hard to differentiate them when working with a group in a short period of time. This always frustrated me as a teacher. 

Did I say this is exhausting? I’m fading as I type this. 

Nap time.