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Yes, No, Maybe So

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Yes, no, maybe so?

I’ve come to notice something about myself. At first, it seemed like a phase, maybe a situational thing. But, it is slowly emerging as an extremely annoying characteristic.

I can’t commit to anything.

Since I became a mother, everything I do or am supposed to do is apparently optional. Of course, the things I do for my daughter’s welfare are mandatory, but beyond that, anything (or nothing) goes.

Maybe I’ve tried to do too much. I say yes a lot. Maybe I feel isolated as a stay at home mother and want to get out and do things. Maybe being a mother isn’t enough and I have to do more…be more. I really want to do everything. I want to have fun. But life gets in the way. And dammit, I’M TIRED!

Whatever it is, I obviously need to reign it in, figure it out, set my priorities, and chill.

This mostly pertains to social outings, thankfully. I certainly don’t make a habit of screwing people over when it comes to things that really need to be done. And if you’re paying me, I’m your girl!

Just a warning. If I say yes to a party, I will probably decide that I’m too tired to go. If I say that we should meet for lunch, I might just back out with a migraine. If I get excited about a girls night out, chances are my daughter will completely wear me out that day and I will be in bed at 8:30.

Thank goodness online invitations like Facebook and Evite have three RSVP choices:

Yes, No, Maybe.

My standard answer will now be “maybe” until I see what life brings. If it turns into a “yes”, good for me. If it’s a “no”, I’m OK with that and I hope you are too.

My good friend let me off a big hook the other day when she said, “I’m the kind of friend you can change plans with in the last minute. I’m totally OK with that.”

I love her.


imageIt’s time to start saying no.

Really saying no.  

It’s time to elliminate,

Without guilt, without explanation. 

It’s time to focus. 

Do one (maybe two) things really well..

Instead of many things at half mast

And the pain to show for it.

It’s time…hell, it’s past the time

To reel some in,

Throw some out,

Count the fish…

One, two.

And breathe.