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i love you, yoga

I Love You, Yoga.

Have I told you lately that I love you, yoga? I really, truly do. My two most recent classes came with proud teaching moments.

  • One of my new students at Dancing Warrior Yoga has hyper-extended elbows. She puts a great deal of strain on those muscles and tendons when in table, downward dog, and plank, to name a few. I taught her to micro-bend her elbows to strengthen the support and relieve the strain. She’s been taking yoga for four years and said that no teacher had ever pointed that out before. She was grateful for that simple modification.
  • Last week, at Ocean Yoga Center, I worked on lengthening the spine, relaxing the shoulders, and opening the heart in mountain pose. We often round our shoulders and ‘slump’ in our daily lives. This can lead to back pain, digestive issues, and headaches. One of my students thanked me this week for showing her this method. She said that it makes a big difference and has enjoyed practicing her new lengthened and lifted spine.
i love you, yoga
My teaching space at Dancing Warrior.
i love you, yoga
My teaching space at Ocean Yoga


out of my mommy box

Yoga: Out of my Mommy Box

out of the mommy boxThoughts and ideas usually “hit me” in yoga.  It’s probably the only time I am completely present and open. I have managed to sneak out of my mommy box and be me. Just me. My “hit me” moment yesterday morning at Ocean Yoga’s 12th Annual New Years Day Free Yoga class was yet another realization about the importance of yoga in my life.

It reminds me that there’s more to me than mommy. It puts me in a sacred space with people who share my philosophies. It rejuvenates me. It allows me to open my mind and heart to non-mommy aspects of my life. It is a treasure and a treat.

out of my mommy box

Moms need these things. They really do. The challenge is to find the time and the child care. Those two things are often the hurdles we can’t jump.

This new realization, however, has inspired me to sneak out of the box as often as I can, whether for yoga or something else that reminds me of me. Just me.