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mom to mom

Last in my series: ‘Mom to Mom’

And finally, the last in my magazine series, Mom to Mom…a little message about patriotism from July 4th. It was part of an issue that honored the military families in our community. We love our service men and women in Nocatee!

mom to mom

Proud to be an American

By: Libby Blumberg

Many consider one of the prides of Nocatee to be our military families. We respect them for their sacrifice and patriotism. They serve as excellent examples for all of us as we show pride in our country and gratefulness for our freedom. We do our best to support them during times of deployments and frequent re-locations.


Whether or not we are directly affected by the life of a military family, we can certainly teach our children about patriotism, freedom, and independence from a very young age. A song that my daughter and her two/three year old classmates love to sing goes a little like this:

“This is our flag,

Red, white, and blue,

Before it we stand,

Loyal and true.”

Simple, sweet, and to the point. Our little ones don’t need much more than that to realize the significance of our flag and the reasons we stand with our hand on our heart or a salute at our brow, honoring Old Glory. Stand ‘loyal and true’ this Independence Day, and always, with your children by your side.

mom to mom