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Horn Tootin’ Tuesday: You can call me writer!

My blogs posts have been pretty lame lately. Please accept my apologies for that. It’s not because I haven’t had anything to say. I actually have a lot to say, and there are very nice people out there who are paying me for it!











Between the Bridges magazine features my work every month in their Mom2Mom column where I share my heartfelt and real life experiences as a mother. So far, my words have been an inspiration to my community of mothers. This is very gratifying.





The same magazine just recently hired me as their Writing Team Liaison, which basically makes me a literary mentor to our middle school writers. They make my job pretty easy. Our first round of articles was outstanding!

Landing Life Magazine calls me their Publishing Assistant. This means that, in addition to writing articles, I will assist in compiling the entire document for the publishing deadline. This includes text, layout, photos, sequence, and proofreading. That’s a bit daunting right now, but there is plenty of time to learn.

These are both entry level positions for me, in a sense. I don’t have a formal education in journalism. Writing has always been a joy to me and I’m pretty good at it. (Thanks, Dad.) In fact, both of these jobs came to me because of this blog! It never occurred to me that it could slowly become a new career, but the surprise is a welcome one.

Here’s to new opportunities and the people willing to give me a fresh start!