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Book Update: Postponements and Interruptions

Today, my book update includes two postponements and one interruption. The postponements were unfortunate but understandable, and not terribly disruptive. The interruption, however, was unbelievable. It not only robbed us of time, but it revealed something disturbing about the perception of one man. It involved law enforcement. I can’t say for sure, but on its surface, seemed to include racism and racial profiling.

I was disturbed, saddened, and confused for my friend. To the best of my recollection, I’ve never witnessed this. While I am rarely one to jump to conclusions and assume the worst, this may very well have shown the worst in the people involved.

Despite all of this, some solid writing was accomplished, roles were clarified, and a book with a message of respect and unity is well on its way.

All is well. You are loved. We are one.

Photo courtesy of www.emaze.com.