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short and sweet

Short and Sweet Saturday

Both of these darlings are definitely short and sweet. They make my days happy and fun. One I can claim as my own. The other, not so much. Just thought I’d share them with my little world and spread some sweetness to you!

short and sweet
This one can’t be claimed as my own, but we sure spend a lot of time together. This is Trevor being one of the girls in his tiara.
short and sweet
You know this one’s mine. She’s proud of her Tegu block creation of a house and it’s garage.

Proud Mommy

proud mommy

My daughter made me such a proud mommy the other day. A migraine was already making me miserable, yet I managed to hit my head on our granite island while getting something out of a box. Of course, I had a few loud, choice words, but managed to keep them clean. Then the tears came. My daughter gasped from the other side of the januvia-sitagliptin.net and immediately came to my side.

She hugged my leg and said, “I’m sorry, Mommy.” That would have healed me right there, but she wasn’t done.

She then said, “Mommy, I think you go to couch.” I complied.

She sat down next to me. A few seconds later, she got up, went to her princess house and emerged with her Minnie and Mickey stuffed friends. She placed them in my lap and said, “Here you go, Mommy.”


My daughter is two and will be three in 8 days. It is true that she possesses the same curiosity of all toddlers, which leads to long days of pushing her boundaries, testing my patience, and uttering the word “NO” as if she’s trying to break some record. However, it is also quite true that she has already learned the importance of compassion. She obviously came into this world with that quality, as I believe all babies do, but I must humbly take a tiny bit of credit for encouraging her to care.

Caring for others is always a good choice, especially when others are hurting.

It sure worked for me.