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TBT: Stupid Questions

TBT: Stupid Questions

This Facebook post from Babies After 35 caught my attention today. They asked this question of women who had babies after age 35: “What were some of the stupid things people asked you when you were pregnant?”

It took me less than a second to answer. I remember it vividly.

At a kids birthday party, I was explaining the incredible process we went through to have Emma: IVF (In Vetro Fertilization) with Donor Egg. The woman I was talking to, maybe in her late 50’s or early 60’s, was really impressed. She had never heard of such a thing. She asked a lot of questions, but I only remember one.

She asked, “Will you ever tell your daughter about her biological mother?”

I answered, “I won’t have to, because I am her biological mother.”





Her very first Nutcracker

We took Emma to see her very first performance of The Nutcracker yesterday. It was an impressive performance by The Florida Ballet at UNF’s Lazzara Performance Hall. She talked and asked questions throughout the entire show, but that didn’t matter. I loved watching her excitement. Toward the end, she said, “Mommy, when will this be over?” She was a trooper!

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