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Product Review: Project Repat

Project Repat sent a coupon code for my quilt, in exchange for writing a product review.

My bed is a whole lot cozier now with my Project Repat T-shirt quilt. I had t-shirts that go back to high school and college. I couldn’t wear them anymore but there was no way I would get rid of them. They made it so easy for me with clear instructions and lots of suggestions. I was excited to receive it and see all of my special memories in one place.

Product Review
This is a 12×12 lap quilt made with 16 t-shirts.
project repat
These t-shirts date from about 1984 to 2005. You see my dance life, special family events, and my first and last 5K!
product review
My favorite teaching shirt for about 10 years!


Preserve Your Story: Project Repat

Excerpt from Project Repat Youtube Page:

Preserve Your Story with a Custom T-Shirt Quilt

Project Repat creates fair wage jobs in the USA by helping you preserve your t-shirt memories into t-shirt quilts. Each Project Repat quilt is backed with PolarTec fleece made out of recycled plastic bottles, and each yard of fleece recycles 23 plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills! Since starting in 2012, Repat has upcycled over a million t-shirts.

Customers from around the country have chosen Repat to help preserve memories for their family. It’s an amazing gift for high school and college graduate, a runner, an athlete, and is also a powerful way to preserve the memories of a loved one.

The process is super simple!
1. Order your t-shirt quilt on ProjectRepat.com, choose your panel size, quilt size, and fleece color
2. We’ll email you detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your shirts to us
3. We’ll let you know when we receive your shirts, and in 2 – 3 weeks you’ll be wrapping yourself in memories

Each Project Repat quilt is carefully crafted by designers, cutters, and sewers in the United States of America. While most textile jobs have gone overseas as corporations seek cheaper labor and lax regulation, workers at both Project Repat locations receive a fair and living wage, full benefits, and paid vacations and holidays. Project Repat proudly supports textile jobs in Fall River, Massachusetts and Morganton, North Carolina.

Every shirt tells a story, so head over to www.ProjectRepat.com to order your quilt and preserve YOUR story today!

We regularly update our Twitter stream with customer quilts, so follow us on social media!