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Colorful Guys: CFFC

I met these colorful guys and thoroughly enjoyed their music back in December. Their band is called RDGLDGRN. Their names are Red, Gold, and Green. Sure, they’ve got real names, but everybody just calls them by the color with which they associate. They each have such unique personalities, talents, and quirks. It was great fun to get to know them a bit.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Colors Yellow and Red

Gold (yellow) and Red sing and jam on their guitars while Green sings lead.
The red curtain is a nice backdrop for Gold (yellow).

Travelling with Small Children

Travelling with small children will be made much easier with this fantastic Angel Baby Car Seat Bag. It’s got so many great features:

  • it’s red…easy to find on the luggage carouseltravelling
  • draw string closure with lock
  • durable and water resistant
  • shoulder strap
  • built-in ID tag
  • marked clearly with “FRAGILE”
  • attached to its own carrying case

I’m looking forward to using it on our trip to Illinois for Christmas!

Thank you to Angel Direct Products for this heavily discounted Car Seat Bag in exchange for my review.

travelling IMG_9929 IMG_9930