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Molly the Mole is an Odd Ball

This is Molly. I rescued her seven years ago from a puddle on my street during a huge rain storm. I think she was a mole. I have no idea if she was a girl, but named her Molly anyway. I took her to a wildlife rescue shelter and they weren’t sure either, but they promised they would take care of her. Moles only live 3-5 years, so she’s probably long gone now.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challengemolly

molly molly molly

silent sunday

Silent Sunday: Rudy

About four months ago, I posted a Silent Sunday photo of Rudy, my brother’s new dog. Today, I post it again with the sadness felt after Rudy’s passing. Rudy was having unexplained seizures which damaged his brain. My brother, along with his family and the vet, decided it was best to send him on to his next journey.

I never met Rudy, but I have met some of the awesome dogs my brother and his family have rescued. They are the kind of people who put a great deal of thought into adopting dogs. It is never a rash decision based on their own needs. It is always a matter of bringing one of our world’s furry friends out of a difficult situation and into one of love, playfulness, and loyalty.

Their hearts are heavy today and I send them my love. But there is no doubt that Rudy is perfect now.

silent sunday