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short and sweet

Short and Sweet Saturday

On my last day of yoga teacher training, my daughter and I had a short and sweet conversation I will never forget. It went a little something like this:

Emma: Mommy, where are you going?

Me: To my yoga class. It’s my last day.

Emma: Then it will be your birthday!

Me: No, my birthday was last week. But it is graduation day.

Emma: So, you have one more yoga class. Then you will have graduation. Then you will have your second birthday!

Me: You are so right, Emma!

Emma: Good job, Mommy!


short and sweet

Short and Sweet Saturday: 12/13/14

12/13/14Short and Sweet Saturday

Today is 12/13/14. Apparently, there will not be a sequential date like this again until 2103.

Today, my mother informed me, is also the 100th anniversary of her mother’s birth. I never met her. She sadly took her own life when my mother was 13. It is a story that hurts my heart every time I think about it, but the woman my mother became is pretty wonderful. My mom wishes that we had known her mom. The way I figure it, we really kind of do, because we know her by the amazing daughter she raised.

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