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Healthy Feet with Vive

Healthy Feet with Vive…

Vive Health’s Foot Stretcher might just be the answer to many people who have foot problems like plantar fasciitis. After dancing for most of my life, I certainly know the pain and inconvenience of many foot injuries and strains. Until I started wearing the proper shoes, I lived with plantar fasciitis for many months. I wish I had known about the Foot Stretcher. There are also at least two friends of mine, a retired nurse and a runner, who would benefit from this product. It is easy to use, feels comfortable, and comes with clear instructions for two important exercises to stretch and strengthen the foot, hamstring, and calf.

If your painful feet start to cause a massive problem for you though, then you need to get them checked out by professional podiatrists doctors who specialise in the treatment of all problems related to your feet. There’s only so much that this Foot Stretcher can do to help alleviate pain. If you are interested in getting your feet checked over, then it might be worthwhile going to somewhere like this podiatrist kansas city, however, the decision is up to you. Don’t let the pain you feel affect you. If you can do something about it, then I suggest that you go and see if there is a solution to your pain.

Thank you to Vive Health for my complimentary Foot Stretcher in exchange for this review. You can purchase it on Amazon and on the Vive Health website for only $14.99.

Here’s to healthy feet!

healthy healthy healthy

More information from Vive:

The Vive foot stretcher is a versatile device designed to help alleviate foot pain and strengthen the plantar fasciia. This product enables you to stretch your foot with ease and comfort, and is supported by two rubber strip pads that prevent it from moving around during use. Fits most shoe sizes.


  • Rocker Design

    Maximizes the stretching motion to ensure an even stretch throughout the foot.

  • heel lock

    Raised back allows for the heel to lock in place while stretching.

  • Angled Foot Plate

    Allows for a maximum stretch and ankle straightening capabilities.

  • Anti-Slip

    Bottom of the stretcher is lined with two non-slip rubber strips for stability.

    Universal Size


    One size fits all. Designed for both left and right foot

Free. Yoga.


Writing 101, Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop the Rockin’
On this free writing day, remember the words of author Anne Lamott: “I don’t think you have time to waste not writing because you are afraid you won’t be good at it.”


Yoga. This makes me think of yoga. I have practiced yoga for about 10 years now. The first few were in front of a mirror. Then I joined a studio without one. At first it felt funny. As a dancer, I was used to checking everything in the mirror. But in the long run, I really appreciate it.  Yoga has an inward, personal quality, so there’s no need for a mirror. Some people get frustrated because they can’t see themselves in order to make corrections. I get it. But feeling the poses physically and mentally is most important. Hopefully everyone has awesome instructors like I do, and will be corrected when necessary.

I do take one class a week in a studio with a mirror. It’s one of those mirrors with different sections. Fat sections. Skinny sections. So irritating. I get there early so I can get a spot that is NOT in front of the mirror. I only feel disappointed when I look at myself in the mirror these days. I feel much more comfortable just FEELING the strength and the stretch.

In the month of May, we did yoga by the pool. So awesome. I wrote a very brief post about it a while back with the above photo. I really love that photo, by the way. No mirror, of course. No front. No back. Kind of a semi circle. Very nice. Loved it.

I took a few yoga classes while on vacation. I love doing that. I’m spoiled by the awesome teachers who have trained me. Nobody measures up. This time, though, I heard blatant mistakes, like ‘pretty much lock your knee’ and ‘I take requests’. Come on man! Know your stuff, teach the class with confidence. Regardless of that, I was just happy to be doing yoga. I’ve been doing it long enough to know what’s good and not so good for me. Someday, I promise, I will get certified in yoga.

I like this free writing idea. It feels good today. Having trouble getting to 400 words, but I’ll just keep rambling until I do. And then I’ll have a nice quiet lunch while my daughter naps. Then I’ll enjoy one of my few guilty pleasures. My soap opera. Can’t believe I still watch this thing after about 35 years, but what the hell! It could be worse.