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screw it

Screw it. We’ll be late.

Screw it. We’ll be late.

That’s my very brief open statement to anyone who experiences my lateness. Especially when it involves my daughter. And just for some background…I NEVER USED TO BE LATE.

Lately, I’ve become keenly aware of the stress I put on myself to get my daughter ready to go somewhere. About 15 minutes before we have to leave, I start to feel the pit in my gut. Then I start to think of all the things that need to be done. Get dressed, brush teeth, do hair, put shoes on, pack a snack and drink, go to the bathroom. That doesn’t even include what my body needs. Then as those things start to happen, I speed everything up. I get anxious. I find myself saying things like: “Focus! Do what I asked! We’ve got to go! Maybe you don’t really want to go! Hurry! Get in your seat! ”

Then the pit turns into a rumbling, and the rumbling turns into a shaking. And by the time we are in the car and I am behind the wheel, maybe on time, maybe not, a huge sigh exits my body and I feel like I need a damn drink!

screw it

It’s utterly ridiculous and it stops today.

Nothing we do in our tiny part of the world is worth all that. I can’t take it anymore. She doesn’t care. The people on the other end don’t care. Why should I?

Screw it. We’ll be late.

imageIt’s time to start saying no.

Really saying no.  

It’s time to elliminate,

Without guilt, without explanation. 

It’s time to focus. 

Do one (maybe two) things really well..

Instead of many things at half mast

And the pain to show for it.

It’s time…hell, it’s past the time

To reel some in,

Throw some out,

Count the fish…

One, two.

And breathe.