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my house

TBT: My House

This is the guest room of my house in Charlotte, NC. It doesn’t look like this anymore. It’s been rented for 9 years and it will be sold in the next couple weeks.

my house

Some thought this decor was way over the top. My best friend even called it “the scary room”. I adored this room of French Toile.

I am still very proud of myself for buying this house all on my own in 2001. At the time, when I bought it, the house was not in good condition. It needed repairs in different areas. For instance, the bedroom looked really shabby as if it were a haunted place. I had to call a professional painting firm to get a fresh coat of colors applied to the walls of my bedroom. I even replaced furniture pieces, including the bed, and added a few like side tables and a recliner. I could have gotten a few pieces, refurbished or second hand from an Appliance Outlet NZ (or elsewhere) at a cheaper price. And believe me, all these repairs and renovations instantly changed the vibe. Had I stayed in this house more, I would most likely have opted to have more renovations done. I would have made the backyard look even better. I might have gone for car park renovation by installing polyaspartic garage flooring, more overhead shelves, and so many more things. Nonetheless, the one who buys the house would be glad to stay here, I am sure of that.

Also, I forgot to mention that I also got the light fixtures changed. I wanted a modern, vintage and minimalistic appearance. A bit confusing right? I know. But that was all that I wanted. Anyway, after the bedroom, I moved on to the bathroom and curated it to my liking–it was not really a tough task to do. But what seemed really overwhelming was when I took up the project of the kitchen. It had so much work to be done. For instance, the windows needed repair, the countertops needed replacement from a firm like Stone Boneyard (known to be a reputed granite slabs Phoenix provider), and the shelves needed a polish of varnish. I was so caught up with everything that I had to call a professional who could help me in accomplishing all these tasks. Anyway, even though I had made it a perfect place to live comfortably, I only lived in it for 5 years. But will always have such fond memories. The best of those memories are definitely the PARTIES! And as scary as that room may have been, my best friend didn’t hesitate to sleep in there when she couldn’t make it home!

This house, even after it changes hands, will remain on my list of life’s big accomplishments. It will forever be a source of pride.

Twenty-twenty six. Thanks for the good times. Glad to have known ya.

my house