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Welcome to Ralph’s World!

Welcome to Ralph’s World!

What are you and your kids doing to beat summer boredom and keep those brains sharp for the upcoming school year? My daughter and I have been enjoying Ralph’s World Rocks and Reads! Full of colorful characters, like Tony Triangle and The Polygon Band, this music is fun, upbeat, educational, and sure to entertain. Just released on July 17th, it is available at Ralphsworld.com and various retailers.

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Ralph Covert celebrates literacy and imagination with new album based on his children’s books; he performs at more than 30 libraries and festivals this summer

Ralph’s World Rocks and Reads

Ralph's World Rocks and Reads
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Chicago, June 22, 2015 ~ Get ready for a noisy-good summer as Ralph’s World, one of the top names in family entertainment, releases Ralph’s World Rocks and Reads. This collection of favorite songs based on Ralph Covert’s children’s books , is presented in a gift-ready, eco-friendly package including a mini-picture book illustrating the included song, “Do The Math.” The 17-track album will be available from Ralphsworld.com and various retailers on July 17th. Ralph will celebrate with thousands of fans at dozens of interactive, literacy-enhancing performances at Chicagoland libraries and other full-band concerts this summer.Ralph Covert (aka Ralph’s World) has published several picture books over the past decade.The new album is a collection of songs from these picture books plus a few additional tracks. All 12 songs from the Ralph’s World Rocks book (Holt, 2008) are included, as well as Me and My Animal Friends (Holt, 2009). The song “Welcome To Christmas Wood” originally appeared in the children’s musical version of A Nutty Nutcracker and was subsequently re-imagined as a picture book (Chronicle Books, 2009). “Old Red #7” is a song from the GRAMMY-nominated album Green Gorilla, Monster, and Me, and it inspired Ralph’s forthcoming first chapter book about best friends and their adventures go-kart racing. “Sawdust and Spangles” tells the life story of 1800s circus impresario WC Coup, a boy with big dreams who eventually invented the three ring circus with P. T. Barnum and founded the New York Aquarium. Originally a theatrical work, it was adapted into a picture book. For this album, Ralph has evocatively recast the story of Coup’s life in a haunting song that closes the CD.Ralph’s other recent project is Ralph’s World: Time Machine Guitar, a rock ‘n roll adventure across history, featuring Ralph, kids and puppet pals.The pilot (available on DVD) debuted on WTTW TV in Chicago, and the Ralph’s World creative team is developing plans for a full season. One song from the special, “Follow the Leader and Dance,” is also included on Ralph’s World Rocks and Reads. 
Ralph's World

Why Rock and Read?

Ralph’s World songs emphasize the joy and adventure of reading, simply through the exuberance of witty lyrics and rocking melodies. Covert, a University of Iowa education and writing school graduate whose musical career took off in the 1990s with his grown-up rock band The Bad Examples, has long connected his music to reading and language. Recent research shows that music enhances literacy, and Ralph’s own experiences have helped him realize the crucial role parents play in helping kids learn to love reading. “I was the kind of kid who checked out 10 books at a time from the library, and my parents really encouraged me, but not all kids start out like that. One of our daughters is dyslexic, so I know first-hand about the struggles. Now, as I read books every day with my six year-old son, it’s dramatically apparent how reading connects us on a deep emotional and intellectual level. This process is so important, and what better time than summer to start a lifetime of reading?