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Find Fun Activities on Education.com!

Even in Florida, the winter weather keeps us inside some days and we love to find new ways to entertain ourselves. This fun crossword puzzle from Education.com is perfect for my six year old girl. She sees me and her Copah doing crossword puzzles and often wants to help. She is also really excited about reading, vocabulary, and spelling. This will be perfect!

Warm up inside with this fun winter cross word puzzle! Find more reading games and activities at Education.com!

From Education.com:

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We had great hopes of seeing snow during our vacation in Ottawa, IL and sure enough, we got it! It is the very first time Emma has seen it and it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve seen it. My hubby goes skiing occasionally, so he’s been luckier than both of us. Most of my fellow Floridians think I’m crazy for wanting to travel north during the winter, but I remind them that I am a northerner by birth, and actually miss my winters very much. We had a great time playing in the pretty white stuff and enjoyed coming back inside to warm our fingers and toes.

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