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Sometimes You Just Have To Press Pause

Sometimes You Just Have To Press Pause

I cried because my daughter ate my breakfast. Then I cried when she yelled at me for ruining her picture. And again, I cried for something equally ridiculous. Sure, I knew my period was coming and that always makes me a bit weepy. But this was different. This felt way too familiar. The fear and hopelessness was settling in and I knew we had a problem. Hiding a panic attack from a four-year-old is impossible. So, I called my husband and he came home.

While I waited, sitting on the stairs, crying, I quickly started to cancel everything I had on my calendar for the next few days, all via text. There was no talking to anyone. And when you tell people you’ve had a panic attack, they don’t question you. And you don’t really care if they do. It happened and all you can think about is crawling into bed and shutting the world out. So, that’s what I did.

Of course, when the dust settles, it’s important to think about what brought this about. I know my triggers and some of them were definitely the culprits this time. I had overwhelmed myself with work. My marriage was a wreck. My daughter was sucking the life out of me. I felt like a horrible mother and wife. Your usual stuff. I had really found myself at the lowest point I’ve ever been in, I was really considering looking into The CBD Insider and likewise sites to start learning more about CBD and how it could potentially help me in the future, as I’ve heard from a few different moms that CBD has transformed their life so far already. Plus, as the benefits of CBD become more widely known, companies such as the Royal CBD are able to create newer and better products. Those interested can take a look at the company official website here.

While CBD could have provided me with momentary relief from the mental upheaval, I needed something that could be a permanent solution to my anxious heart and mind. I did consider going into online therapy from qualified professionals like the ones at Citron Hennessey and similar others. Maybe it could have helped. However, there was one thing that stopped me from needing to look for treatment. Something unusual had happened and I didn’t know until it was too late that it could have ever been a trigger.

So in October of last year, it might have been after I ran out of my alberta weed (I used to purchase it online), I started the process of writing a book. I’m working with a publisher and editor. It is a collaborative effort with a small group of yoga friends and mentors who played a huge part in my journey toward motherhood. They taught me how to manifest my dream of becoming a mother, even at the ripe old age of forty-four. My first draft is due on April first and the release date is November first. The working title is Kula Talk.

Sounds great, right? It has been. What a treat it is to look back over the last ten years of my life and see how far I’ve come and the amazing things I’ve accomplished. When I remember who I was then and see who I am now…mother, wife, writer, artist…the transformation is amazing.

But, what I didn’t realize in doing research into my own past was that I would be reliving it. I’ve read through old journal entries, found old books I read, looked through old pictures, and struggled to remember intimate details, many of which are painful. My path to motherhood was not an easy one and although it all turned out beautifully, the way I got there was physically, emotionally, and mentally draining.

Psychologists talk about theAnniversary Effect’, which, according to Psychology Today, is defined as a unique set of unsettling feelings, thoughts or memories that occur on the anniversary of a significant experience. Now, the actual calendar date of my panic attack holds no significance that I’m aware of, but I strongly feel that the dredging up of past experiences for my book played a large part in my feelings of fear, hopelessness, and anxiety. I felt like I was there again and I was scared. Not a terribly ‘happy’ anniversary.

It’s really no wonder. I’ve been reliving bad relationships, fear of never being a mother, fights with my husband, the pain of fertility shots, pre-natal and postpartum depression, and a few other struggles to finish the long list. I’ve never been one to hold my feelings in and the evidence surrounds me in books, journals, pictures and letters.

Needless to say, I have pressed pause on my book for now. I tried to take a look at it a few days after my incident, but only felt the sadness rising again. The words looked disjointed, the story seemed incongruent. I know that it’s not and it certainly has the strength and merit deserving of a quality book, but to my eyes and heart right now, it doesn’t feel right. And that’s okay. For now.

I know I’ve got a story to tell and I will tell it. It is much too important. And I feel sure that it will touch others in a way that will make my struggle worth it. I’ll be back on track very soon.

I wrote this several years back in response to a therapist who told me that I don’t have to identify myself by anxiety and depression. So, I took it a bit further and got really pissed at it.

Pressing pause, working on identity, and dealing with unsettling feelings and memories are all things I wish my brother would do to recover from alcoholism and his Co-occurring Disorders, anxiety and depression. Many times over the years, we have tried to help him through this problem, but we can’t. He needs professional help. And until he finally realizes that, nothing will change.

best laid plans

I’m a Natural in My World


What are you a “natural” at doing?  I am a natural at dancing. Been doing it since the age of three. Do it all the time. Can’t help it.

Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?  I prefer a one floor house. I’ve lived in both and I definitely prefer a nice one floor house, nice and spread out. Stairs are overrated!

What was your favorite subject in school?  My favorite subject in school was English. And I still enjoy writing, proofreading, editing, and reading.

Complete this sentence: If only the rain..  would fall when needed and cease when not.



Book Update: A Few Gems

A few gems have emerged while working on my book. It is so gratifying to see the reading, writing, and discovering I did while growing up. And it is especially fun to find new things to incorporate into my book which weren’t part of my original plan. It’s kind of the story of my life: constant change. Change has always been my friend, my lifeline even.

My first draft deadline is April 1st. Yes, April Fools Day, but this is no joke! My progress is right in line, but every time I think of that date and see the time I have, I get a bit nervous. But then I am quickly reminded of one of my mantras…if it needs to be done, it will get done. It just will.

Enjoy a few gems.

gems gems gems


Book Update: Postponements and Interruptions

Today, my book update includes two postponements and one interruption. The postponements were unfortunate but understandable, and not terribly disruptive. The interruption, however, was unbelievable. It not only robbed us of time, but it revealed something disturbing about the perception of one man. It involved law enforcement. I can’t say for sure, but on its surface, seemed to include racism and racial profiling.

I was disturbed, saddened, and confused for my friend. To the best of my recollection, I’ve never witnessed this. While I am rarely one to jump to conclusions and assume the worst, this may very well have shown the worst in the people involved.

Despite all of this, some solid writing was accomplished, roles were clarified, and a book with a message of respect and unity is well on its way.

All is well. You are loved. We are one.

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