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This date a year ago, and now, today…

On this date a year ago, I simply posted that I had a ‘thumbs up kind of day‘. Can’t remember what that was all about, but today was pretty great between about 11 am and 3 pm. Before and after that, there was crying, yelling, throwing, and slamming. Nope. Not me. My 4 year old.

Crying because she was afraid to go to the dentist. We survived. Had a lovely lunch. Ran some errands. Bought her a italia-meds.com.

Then she was reminded that her parents are going out and she has a babysitter. The devil took over with the yelling, throwing, and slamming.

Then, my husband bailed on me for our plans to see Jeff Dunham. He stayed home. No babysitter. I left and had a good time.

Thumbs up.



How my daughter made everything better

As I lay next to my daughter at bed time last night, silently sobbing because of the guilt I felt for yelling at her 30 minutes earlier, I knew something had to change. So today, I focused my energies on her. We spent the whole day together, coloring, making things, watching TV, and having ‘tea’.


It was a great day that ended with a very sweet night.

She seems to be very pensive at bed time lately. She just lies there, staring at her new princess decals on her wall, deep in thought.

Tonight, we had this conversation:

Emma: “I feel like you.”

Me: “What?”

Emma: “I feel like you.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Emma: “I feel like someone who’s not me.”

Me: “Does it feel good?”

Emma: “Yes.”

Me: “Well, that’s good. And, you know, we are a lot alike. You are a smaller version of me. After all, you lived in my belly for a long time.”

Emma: “So, we’re twins.”

Me: “Yes, kind of. You’re the little twin and I’m the big twin.”

Then Daddy walked in the room to say goodnight and we told him about our conversation.

Here I sit, writing this, still completely floored by my daughter.